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What Is a Heater Treater in O&G and How Does It Work?

Written by Welcome on November 19, 2019
how a heater-treater works oil and gas


管道运输的功能和好处 - 为什么需要管道

Written by Welcome on October 22, 2019
benefits of pipeline transportation

Oil pipelines are steel or polyethylene tubes through which large quantities of crude and refined petroleum derivatives can be channeled. Why do we need pipelines rather than alternative forms of transporting oil and gas derivatives? This article will highlight the features of pipeline transport and consider the benefits derived from their use. What Are Pipelines […]

Metering and Measurement of Oil and Gas and How It Works

Written by Welcome on July 30, 2019

Oil and gas metering or measurement is the phase along the hydrocarbon supply value chain where exploration and production (E&P) efforts turn into profits for operators, investors, and other relevant stakeholders. Hydrocarbon metering is carried out using specialized and high-precision equipment to ensure accuracy. Interested in a Lease Automatic Custody Transfer Unit for your oilfield […]

Types of Pumps in Oil and Gas Industry – Upstream, Midstream, Downstream

Written by Welcome on June 25, 2019
different types of pumps in oil and gas industry

Industrial pumps are essential devices required in every phase of oil and gas operations. Basically, they help transfer process fluids from one point to another. For example, a pump can be used to transfer crude oil from a storage tank to a pipeline and mud pumps are used to circulate drilling mud into the annulus […]

Predict-Plus Remote Pump Monitoring System – Avoid Downtime Today!

Written by Welcome on April 23, 2019
remote pump monitoring system

DXP公司PumpWorks刚刚推出了其预测加泵监控系统的更新版本。作为中游O&G的领先模欧宝体育官方网址块化工艺制造商,IFS在我们的中游包装产品上使用泵工程泵。欧宝娱乐官方客服我们很高兴能提供Gen 2预测泵健康监测工具。您想知道您的关键乳枝是[…]

Control Valve vs. Regulators for Gas Pressure Reduction? – How to Decide

Written by Welcome on November 27, 2018
control valve vs. regulator

Pressure regulators and pressure relief or control valves are important instruments in the oil and gas industry used for the same purpose – automated fluid control. However, the two instruments differ fundamentally in operation and design. It is important for operators, engineers, and other relevant stakeholders to understand the differences between these devices in order […]

What Is NGL? – Measurement Techniques

Written by Welcome on November 20, 2018

Following the U.S. shale boom which saw the country become a major producer of oil and gas, production of Natural Gas Liquids from the gas component also proliferated. The prices of these products correlate closely with the crude oil price on the market. Due to the huge demand for these products on a global scale […]

What Is a Coriolis Flow Meter in O&G, and How Does It Work?

Written by Welcome on October 30, 2018
Coriolis mass flow meter

Within the oil and gas industry, there are a number of different options for metering flowrate. Over the years, Coriolis flow meters have become increasingly popular for liquid and gas measurement among oil and gas skid manufacturers and users. Although the initial costs for a Coriolis flow meter are higher that some types of metering, […]


Written by Welcome on October 25, 2018
flow meters used in petroleum industries

For as long as there has been commercial oil and gas extraction, the industry has faced the challenge of accurate measurement. From allocating production to each well’s stakeholders to monitoring the oil and gas delivered, everyone involved in the oil and gas industry has a vested interest in ensuring flow measurements are correct. Over the […]

IFS Ships Modular Crude Oil Pumping Station

modular crude oil pumping station

IFS recently completed the design, fabrication, wet testing and shipment of a Modular Crude Oil Pumping Station for Mandaree North Dakota. The Modular Crude Oil Pump Station included: Welded I-Beam structure Insulated/heated building Integral sump (2) 100% Crude Oil Pumps/electric motors Overhead Bridge crane/hoist Suction/discharge piping Isolation/check valves Control valves Instrumentation Electrical switchgear with Variable […]

Tallgrass Meter Skid for Wyoming Gathering System

Written by Welcome on March 20, 2018

IFS recently supplied a metering skid to Tallgrass Energy in Wright, Wyoming. The metering package is 11’ wide by 36’ long by 12′ high with an insulated, pre-manufactured enclosure for operation in cold climates. An explosion proof ROC control system acts as the brains of the metering skid system that manages Input/Output signals in addition to metering […]